How can we improve ProtonMail?

Protonmail is too expensive. Offer the option to buy features for life

I find paying 4 euros per month too expensive.
I would suggest adding the possibility to buy more features like adding more addresses, more filters rules or more GB for life.

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    gp shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • tempADDR2018 commented  · 

        Export/save MY emails = $
        Make 5 lousy folders = $
        Email client = $
        But hey, you have 500mb for free! yeyyy

        One time payment - non existent.

        By the way, I pay for my services, I don't believe in free stuff anymore, but you people need to "step up".

        PS: where is calendar and contacts sync by the way? Even my 5years old qnap nas has free carddav/caldav support.

      • Anon commented  · 

        to the dudes @protonmail: do you think how much money you can make even at 1$ if all gmail users come to you? It is a interesting service, but to grow and keep the fight up you need more, and for that users have to come to you.
        4Euro/month for my mother, brother,sisters etc? they will newer switch. 1$ and maybe a family pack even cheaper - I will pay for them all!

        Also - add the option for everyone to be able to download their mails!(bridge or whatever) This is like basic stuff! come on ....

        I would not put any recovery/important stuff here without option to take-and-leave if you go away/shut down or I go someplace else!

      • Oleg S commented  · 

        In my country average income is 100$, that’s why 5$ for mailbox is expensive

      • Adi commented  · 

        There will be always people who look for everything so called "cheap or free" but require top level service. Would you work for free in the city like Geneva, N.Y. Tokyo, London etc? Would you have best native developers to do work for you for $5/month without outsource to unknown because of "cheap" and at the same time maybe risk security?. Do you ask at each shop to give you discount? Common, change your mind about money and the rest will follow. Happy New Year!

      • Nick commented  · 

        lifetime subscription is a great idea. I would not sign up for monthly/yearly payment even just because of the effort involved, even if it was $2 a month. I want low-maintenance email service.

      • Adi commented  · 

        I use GSuite which I`m going to switch to my PM Pro Account. GSuite charge me €5/month and only for one domain. The only good thing about it is that Google gives me 30GB (currently 8GB used) and PMPro just 5GB for the same amount. Anyway, I`m going to move after all and see how things goes. Right now with 1 domain set and a few emails I already use 25MB. When I move my biz domain than I will have to think how to manage without adding more GB for time being

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        If ProtonMail Plus is too expensive for you, there is a free plan. It's very possible to use ProtonMail without paying.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The issue with lifetime plans is that this is a service, not a commodity.

        You will cost ProtonMail money in server time, storage costs, and bandwidth costs, and those costs continue over time. A one time payment has to be large enough to cover all your potential use going forward.

        A very limited quantity of lifetime plans were offered previously, at $1337 each.

        There is no feasible way for a one time payment to cover the recurring costs of having you as a customer, without being prohibitively expensive.

      • Dani commented  · 

        Don't agree at all. Should be even more expensive in the Pro. Great service has his price.

      • KJ commented  · 

        I disagree, paying 12 cent a day for secure email and its the benefits is not too expensive.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes, I hate and never use "recurrent" online payments - for a couple of filters or something I don't want to have to remember to pay yet another bill monthly or yearly .. 1time for basic stuff!

      • George commented  · 


        Check your competitors, for example - Tutanota.
        Premiun account - 1GB storage + 5 email alias = 1,2 EUR per month.
        I am already their Premium user for such conditions. As for me - not everyone needs 5 GB and Custom domain.
        Do the same and I will buy your Premium too.


      • Haiko commented  · 

        A 1€ option would be great!
        The current free plan has not enough functionality to be worth a donation. I would love to contribute, but 4-5€ is too much for me, and it offers a lot I don't need/want.

        So, an additional option would be nice containing:
        Everything FREE-plan has + 1GB + 50folders/labels + custom filters
        To me these are basic email needs that every email provider should offer, and I would be more than willing to pay 1€/month for this.

      • Ryan Grange commented  · 

        I would love to be able to chip in a little a month but i am a student and cannot afford approximatly £40 a year. If there was a cheaper option, i.e £1 a month i would definatly buy it, it could have 1 email adress, 1GB storage, no forced signature and 500 messages a day, as it would put it price to fretures proportinal on the list.

      • SmileyTinkerton commented  · 

        I’ll just repeat what I wrote ten months ago*: 4€/month would be reasonable if that was the whole cost. But the actual cost is a multiple of that... Why? Because a security minded person needs multiple accounts (not just e-mail aliases). Free accounts don’t rectify this obstacle because TOS prohibit multiple free accounts. (Please, correct me if I am wrong.)

        *) My comment from November 7, 2016 9:04 PM. (Displayed in user history as “Nov 8, 2016” for some reason.)

      • Julien S. commented  · 

        Same thought...Personnaly, i'd give 1€/mth per GB of storage.
        As a basic user, i don't need 5GB and all these features you get with the PLUS plan.

      • Niku commented  ·  is 1€/Month.

      • Gonzo commented  · 

        Posteo is € 12 annually. I would pay € 24 for Proton.

      • SiK commented  · 

        For me personally is not just about supporting ProtonMail with money but simply having a load of features that I am not using. For example, I would gladly opt-out of custom domains and lower allowed storage (5GB is too much for me as a light user) if that would lower my price plan.
        Just to mention - originally I only opted-in for a paid plan as it included ProtonVPN and that was a great deal (~50€ for mail and VPN). As ProtonVPN has been launched (and is now at a quite steep price, compared to other well-regarded VPNs), all the use I am getting out of my payments for ProtonMail Plus is being able to use 2 extra aliases (which I cannot even delete)... If I could opt-out of some premium features I would gladly use the saving for ProtonVPN as I simply can't afford paying for both at the moment.

      • ugo commented  · 

        i agree, i really want to support protonmail but the plan that they have are way too much expensive to afford for me in this moment

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