How can we improve ProtonMail?

Protonmail is too expensive. Offer the option to buy features for life

I find paying 4 euros per month too expensive.
I would suggest adding the possibility to buy more features like adding more addresses, more filters rules or more GB for life.

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    gpgp shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • SmileyTinkertonSmileyTinkerton commented  · 

        I’ll just repeat what I wrote ten months ago*: 4€/month would be reasonable if that was the whole cost. But the actual cost is a multiple of that... Why? Because a security minded person needs multiple accounts (not just e-mail aliases). Free accounts don’t rectify this obstacle because TOS prohibit multiple free accounts. (Please, correct me if I am wrong.)

        *) My comment from November 7, 2016 9:04 PM. (Displayed in user history as “Nov 8, 2016” for some reason.)

      • VikramVikram commented  · 

        To resonate with many people here all I need is custom domain support and i am golden would gladly pay £2-3 for that.

      • zuluzulu commented  · 

        As you can read here: (topmost comment) there won't be any separate accounts under a PLUS subscription. You will need to buy the future professional plans, which are ridiculously expensive:

        "Professional plans will be priced at $8/month per account and you can add as many accounts as you want. So for 2 people, two professional accounts would be $16. For 3-5 users, the Visionary plan is the best deal because that is fixed at $24/month." (Admin)

        That's 192$/year for two separate accounts and 288$/year for three or more separate accounts. So please back this feature request:

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Having read through this thread and then all of the planned and in process improvements, I think that $4/month $48/year is a steal. If I can replace all the closed source, third-party controlled apps...Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDrive..etc with one secure service that is Zero Knowledge and puts the power into my hands, I would pay twice the price.

      • ObloOblo commented  · 

        I disagree. I'd rather pay a reasonable amount (try running your own mail server for $50/year) for a service than see advertisements or have the service shut down because it wasn't sustainable.

      • WilliamWilliam commented  · 

        A price break for lifetime accounts sounds reasonable. I'm currently transferring my primary email communication to Protonmail and expect to be using it for at least that long.

      • RobmanRobman commented  · 

        At the current rate, thirty years of using protonmail would cost me $3000. There is no way I can I justify that.

      • MichaelaMichaela commented  · 

        Yes! Us students want to support you while getting some value out of paying too. Making donations makes feel guilty sooner for one with a tight budget. It would be awesome to have for example, choose one plus feature for 2$/month -plan etc.

      • MauroMauro commented  · 

        Micropayments can be a nice idea or a package between the free and the plus. Price like Tutanota could be a good idea.

      • ChrisChris commented  · 

        I don't think it's too expensive for Plus accounts, quite reasonable I feel. But I do think the jump from plus accounts to Visionary is way to wide a gap. Also, are family accounts still in the process? Cause yes, while the family may not be super concerned about privacy, thats more people that would actively be using the service, and not yahoo or gmail or something. Would like to see the family multiuser support rolling out so we can put family members together on a single domain and have stuff together.

      • UserUser commented  · 

        Well for the coffee example - maybe in Switzerland, but for many countries it's just too expensive to pay so much for ProtonMail...

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        I'm not sure if I agree that it's too expensive, but maybe they could add a "Backer" option with none of the added PLUS features and instead something like 1-3GB added storage.

      • gragra commented  · 

        I like Protonmail very much because of it's clear structure and layout, and I support its intention. Till now I've been using Gmail, but I'd like to stop using it. The pricing is holding me back. If I could subscribe to 3 GB for 2 €, I would do so.
        Another thing is cloud storage. I guess this service costs money too, or is it just expanding your server a bit for this?

      • JeffJeff commented  · 

        I agree with this.

        I don't think ProtonMail is too expensive per se, but the gap between the free account and 4€ per month is too wide.

        For me, the free account is enough. If there would be a basic plan for 1-2€ per month, I would buy that nevertheless just to support the team. But for 4€/m I won't.

      • Louisa SitalaLouisa Sitala commented  · 

        It's rare to find any other email service out there that offers secured mailing without cost. The security level that ProtonMail offers is great. Yes! Improvements are needed. Upgrading for storage? Yes! It's great, but more GB would be nice for those who are using ProtonMail as their primary email for work. However, it does seem a little costly considering that we are limited to adding more addresses, not having any filters or folders, as well as a calendar. I'm sure that improvements are in the works, but having better organization is key and it is making it a little hard to want to stay with protonmail. Nonetheless, looking forward to much needed improvements.

      • Björn BuchBjörn Buch commented  · 

        I'd also support a cheaper service and upgrade to Pro then, even for lifetime possibly. I'm currently still paying for a standard provider - considerably cheaper - but I'm also willing to pay the little extra for Protonmails special security.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Encryription has àn incalculable value To me! Lifetime price would certain make it more tolerable To others!

      • Samir GartnerSamir Gartner commented  · 

        I don't mean to under appreciate the service but there's got to be at least two more paid levels. I guess we all want to get rid of gmail and yahoo, as someone else pointed a 2 dollar -euro a month with 2.5GB 5 accounts maybe 150 messages a day and limited support tickets would be great. I would make the jump right away.

      • NicholasNicholas commented  · 

        They offered lifetime accounts on Black Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for the next time they do that. I'd start saving now if I were you.

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