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Being able to create custom folders

You seem to believe that the ability to add folders is "Completed" by telling people to use labels. Color labels just don't cut it.

All the emails will still reside in my inbox or archive. Every other internet email service offers the option to create custom folders, why not Protonmail? This issue has come up again and again from the start.

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    Benik shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • L commented  · 

        Labels, when properly implemented, are a superset of folders.

        Labels, when improperly implemented, are not a superset of folders.

        A lot of people are missing the above points.

        When labels are properly implemented, you can "move" a message from one label to another. The moving a message from one label to another simply means that, *behind the scenes*, a new label is added to the message, and the old label is removed from the message. This is one of the things that gives labels a superset of the functionality of labels. If this "move" action is missing, then labels are NOT a superset of folders.

      • zinnia commented  · 

        Ok, I'm a folder lover too. But after fiddling a bit, if you Label your messages, you can then click on left menu to see only those labeled..."Work", "Personal", "FromJohn", or whatever Labels you created, and want to see. Main screen then displays only those labeled as such. Same thing in the end as folders.

      • Ryan commented  · 

        This would be a neat creative illustrated touch

      • Ricardo commented  · 

        Why isn't this marked as complete?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Can you guys please figure out a way to implement folders into Protonmail? I haven't fully transitioned to your mail service just for this reason. I may have to venture elsewhere if this issue isn't resolved in the near future. Not having folders, is cluttering up my inbox. Labels help, but still leave my inbox unorganized.

        Thank you,

      • Ricardo commented  · 

        "Labels are not folders. Fullstop."

        Wait. Stop. This is the opposite of the obvious truth. In what way is this not completely covered by labels? If you want "subfolders" then you give them sub-names.

        Mathematically speaking, labels are a superset of folders. Everything you can do with folders you can do with labels. A folder *IS* a label. That's all it is.

        If you want a folder, make a label. Done. You have made a folder. I literally don't understand what imaginary difference you people have in your heads. These are four labels and four folders, same thing. This is easy to understand.

        Work Emails
        Work Emails - From Nancy
        Work Emails - Regarding Columbus Deal
        Work Emails - Alternative Facts

        I feel like this could be solved with a feature "Allow us to display a little folder icon next to our labels because that's what makes them folders". Or is it the little triangle thing to fold up some folders hidden inside another? Is that the feature you want? That could be done with labels too.

        I downvote this issue. ProtonMail already correctly implemented the best solution to this need.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Arrgghhh!!! Just signed up for this service as a free trial. Glad I did. The lack of folders has me looking elsewhere. I really like this service but I do need the folders. Maybe in the future??

      • Rafael Escobar commented  · 

        I want to create more than just twenty folders and I want to create some of them inside another.

        Labels are great, but they do not fit this need.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The debate over folders and labels must stop. Folders are antiquated ways to organize your email.

      • Peter commented  · 

        @labelle. Labels might be more flexible than folders, but why not offer both and let the users decide how/what to use? Practically every other e-mail service does this. Also the labels in Protonmail are limited and a more cumbersome than what's offered in Gmail for example.

        To my knowledge there's no support for drag and drop and to get rid of the mail from the inbox you have to archive it as well...

        Also in Gmail you can add as many sublevels to your labels as you want and that make it behave as if it was folders.

        If PM is sticking with it's only labels direction then these features are a must.

        I also feel that the limit of only 20 labels for free users is a bit low, somewhere between 50-100 sound more reasonable to me.

      • labelle commented  · 

        Labels > folders. Stop complaining and actually take the 45 seconds it takes to get adept at using labels. You'll thank me later.

      • R. Pritchett commented  · 

        Custom Folders and Custom Filters go hand-in-hand or for those of us who like keeping a clean inbox. Having most things in the inbox is really messy.

      • azdawg commented  · 

        From PM:
        "Regarding labels and folders, we provide labels because they can do everything folders can do, and more. Labeling a message and archiving it at the same time achieves the same functionality as a folder, and you can even set ProtonMail to automatically archive messages that you label. Filters can also be used to automatically label+archive incoming messages. Labels are more
        powerful than folders because you can have more than one label on a message."

        Questions to PM:
        Does one exclude the other? Both labels and folders?
        If so, how about a setting that allows for a choice, either labels OR folders?

        " Labeling a message and archiving it at the same time achieves the same functionality as a folder". Sorry, but no, it does not!

        "Labels are more powerful than folders because you can have more than one label on a message." How about the option then to have both or have a choice.

        I'll buy a paid account for it!

      • J. commented  · 

        Folders are very much needed. Can't do without folders!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Being able to Create Folders ( & Not just Labels that merely Mark each individual email ) is ABSOLUTELY Necessary, Essential & is a Complete "Deal-Breaker" for me & most every other user on the Planet! Why doesn't Protonmail understand this completely basic concept! 3 of us are brand new users ( Jan 2017 ) & it is very much indeed something that will be a total Deal-Breaker for us until this feature is added. It has been an ongoing loud cry since the Beta version with absolutely no Response from Protonmail on the topic what-so-ever! ! Well over 2 Years the Thread and Customer Pleadings been being Requested! "Lame, Protonmail....LAME!

      • Chief commented  · 

        Was seriously thinking of upgrading to a Plus account. Seeing as this is a major issue that hasn't been resolved, I'll pass for now.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Firstly, Happy New Year 2017 & My Best Wishes to everyone...

        Secondly, Folders are a magnific tool to keep the mail organized

        So I agree too

        Where do I have to signed to ask for FOLDER SETTING?

        Best Regards

      • Energo commented  · 

        Marking labels is the same as making folders.

        I read, label, answer or archive - works great !

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have to agree with this! I added a couple of custom domains, and I'd like them to have their own separate "Inbox" folders for neatness and segregation.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The lack of folders is totally incomprehensible.

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