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Proton Browser

Proton Browser

I would Like to see a Browser like chrome, firefox, or Brave. But without the tracking and also it being based in the same location as protonmail would mean its secure and safe to use.

With companys like google buying up all the alternative browsers I think this a needed program/app. What good is the secure email when Chrome is snap shoting and keylogging your protonmail logins.

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    Christopher Dalton shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Bruce commented  · 

        I can use the left and right arrow buttons to "scroll" back and forth thru my INBOX emails to review messages, but the buttons are not available to review SENT messages or I think any other folders.

      • The punisher commented  · 

        Chris topher why are you contacting my wife

      • Mad as commented  · 

        I wish this service had a vote DOWN button.

        There are sufficient alternatives out in the wilds of the internet to deliver this requirement.

        All this does is distract the Proton Dev people and push precious resources onto frivolous projects when they should be focusing on their core service that we have already paid for, being EMAIL ...that is still deficient in so many areas.


      • homer commented  · 

        I use
        its call proton browser and positioned as a browser without tracking. on the core of the chromium of which they cut out all google backdoors .
        I saw only two updates over the past year of proton browser... in my opinion this is a sign that the developers make changes only in the most extreme case of necessity.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Use the Firefox private browser.

      • Angus SF commented  · 

        Iron Browser from is Google's Chrome with the Google tracking and GUID stuff removed.

      • L commented  · 

        I would rather they work together with brave and have brave add their VPN service.

      • Luís Bragança commented  · 

        But why... You already have lots of web browsers, just do some research.
        Also, it's almost impossible to build both new rendering and javascript engines from sratch with all the features already available on Blink and V8. Even tho they were both developed by Google, they're fully open-source and extremely efficient, that's why Opera, Vivaldi and even Brave decided to use those engines.
        That being said, why would you build a browser using these engines, as there are already lots of browsers... Plus, you'd need mobile versions in order to sync the favorites on all your devices.
        Me, personally, I like to stay as google-less as possible, and for that same reason I use Firefox (with SpiderMonkey and Gecko engines).
        Btw there are firefox versions (since firefox is fully-open-source) focused on user privacy (WaterFox).

      • Cristiano Almeida commented  · 

        I took my vote back as I believe ProtonMail should focus on making a secure email service for everyone as it has a lot to improve. Personally its more important that its designed in a way that users don't get stuck in its ecosystem.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        There is no need for another privacy friendly browser, because there are already some... I think PM should for now primarily focus on email related features.
        I think using different providers for completely different services is a good thing, because it removes the single point of failure.

      • Are Lomsdalen commented  · 

        I would gladly pay extra for this feature.
        Paying $30 per month, is a steal for all the services you provide me with.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Just use Tor or DuckDuckGo browser, or Firefox with adding...

      • Robert Taylor commented  · 

        @ Christopher Dalton Very simply Chris your question is "48 shades of grey" what exactly do you want?? one hand you want google/chrome interface but you dont like there tracking ( that is how they are designed to track every click and page) BUT If you want security use TOR (the onion ring) Go the whole hog and set up a VPN and a half decent firewall on an old 486 box or lappy.. itzUp2U You can have your cake and eat it too, if you graze on both sides of the fence robbo

      • awe commented  · 

        there are a lot of safe browsing projects,
        IMHO protonmail should focus all energy to provide the best email service.

      • visitor commented  · 

        People who upvoted this topic dont realize that its not a solution:

        While browsers could be improved to resist fingerprinting, there is no point in creating a new one. If you want to improve privacy on the web, effort should be applied to secure data transfer standards or decentralized file systems (e.g. Tor, i2p, GNUnet, Matrix, Zeronet, IPFS, et cetera.)

        The greatest security & privacy risk on the internet today is NOT the browser — its the lack of a global standard protocol for secure mail transfer which encrypts all metadata and supports forward secrecy. Any available resources should be directed at solving this problem first. If you want to improve browsing security, just use Firefox with Ublock, Umatrix (for power users), Ghostery, Canvas Defender, cookie autodelete, and VPN.

      • HHH commented  · 

        Downvote. Waste of protonmails time. Use Firefox with ublock or noscript.

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