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    I'd actually like to see an option for a small basic subscription plan. I really enjoy ProtonMail, but I feel like a large number of users are being overlooked. In my case, I just don't need all the features of the PLUS plan, so I can't justify the unnecessary cost.

    That said, I'd still be willing to pay for the extras I AM looking for. Adding a new 'tier' would help users like me so we could support ProtonMail, but also have more control and flexibility over our accounts. Just small things, like removing the ProtonMail signature, raising our limits slightly, and adding some custom filters. They're just small improvements, but ones that are pretty standard for most emailing needs. Plus, I'd be willing to pay $1/$2(USD) a month for the extras.

    I would also really like the option of unlocking 2-3 more addresses without being forced to upgrade. All subscription users have the option to add extra email addresses, but upgrading to PLUS is way more then I need.

    I know that $5 a month plan is pretty reasonable; but personally it's just too expensive for my needs. The other users like me are all stuck in this limbo; too restricted for our needs, or overspending for more then we need.

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