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    Neal commented  · 

    This feature is absolutely essential to using Protonmail for Business. I realize the issue may have something to do with "Protonmail cannot create a filter based on email content, because it has no access to your ENCRYPTED content." Encryption and privacy is the whole holy point of Protonmail. But the whole point of EMAIL is being able to communicate more instantaneously between various senders/receivers. And the whole point of email filtering/forwarding is to be able to instantaneously pass on a message which one receives. The instantaneous passing of this message might be ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSABLE to a person's email use/platform use.

    There must be SOME way to be able to filter/forward at least, perhaps by SENDER. What if a user "authorized" Protonmail to do a decryption, filter, forward, and then immediately re-encrypt and/or delete the unencrypted content that was scanned to trigger the forward? I don't know if this is possible to do in a secure cyber-environment. But if Protonmail could find a way to do it, it would be a HUGE advertising point for upgrading to paid-level accounts. Could this be done by somehow running the filter check via the Proton Drive environment? Don't mind me, I'm no expert. I mean no harm -- I just really would love to see the filter/forward feature in Protonmail.

    Neal supported this idea  · 

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