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    We have given this quite a bit of thought, but at the present moment, it is not clear the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages.

    The biggest problem is search. Encrypting all metadata would break metadata search entirely on the web client as there is still no efficient way to handle search of encrypted data within a browser.

    Secondly, metadata encryption’s value from a privacy standpoint is also somewhat dubious. Because we ultimately must deliver the message to the recipient, we must know who the recipient is. At the current time, there still isn’t any proven and viable way to work around this.

    Metadata encryption is an area of continued research for us, and when the opportunity arises and the technology for doing this matures, we will definitely implement it in ProtonMail.

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    Dark Horse commented  · 

    Protonmail should encrypt the whole format of the email not just the content, The contact, subject line and attachments should be encrypted as well as its implemented in the tuatanota encrypted email app. That way less Metadata is available and the email as a whole is encrypted more

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