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    UserWhoCares commented  · 

    My annual plan renewal is coming up and I was really hoping to be able to pay for it over the Lightning Network, but I was disappointed to see this is not yet supported. You're going to need to support it anyway in the long run, and as another user observed, doing it now will get you a PR boost.

    Based on what I've heard, it's not even that much work, as I understand it. I heard in an interview, I forget where, that a Bitcoin company (probably Blockstream on the Blockstream Talk podcast, but it could have been a different one) was trying to promote lighting adoption on certain major exchanges, and even offered to fly out developers to set it up onsite. The interviewee said it was quoted to only take 2-3 days to get it all set up and integrated, and that was on certain major exchanges with massive volume. (The exchanges turned them down because they had the perverse incentive of wanting users to keep their BTC on the exchange, but that's irrelevant to my point). Getting it set up for ProtonMail should be comparatively simple, I would think. You presumeably already use a BTCPay server (if you aren't, you probably should be), and I know that Lightning support is available for BTCPay.

    Please, just have someone send out an inquiry email to a company such as Blockstream, Voltage.Cloud, or any other vendor that your research shows to be a reliable source. I'm not promoting these companies over anyone else, but they are just names in the industry that came to mind so I give them here as examples. Do your own research, but please investigate this ASAP just to at least see what it would entail. It might end up being really easy for you to support for payments over lightning, and it would enhance user privacy, and further differentiate you from competition.

    In conclusion: Lightning network has matured. Technical support, advice, and SaaS Lightning options exist and are relatively easy to find. Lightning provides better privacy for your users and lower fees for both parties. It will settle even faster that base-chain Bitcoin (which already achieves final settlement much faster than credit cards) while still being actual real Bitcoin (more accurately, being real "sats", the base unit of Bitcoin), and not some sort of wrapped placeholder token. For every user like me who wants it badly enough to come here, create an account, and write a mini-essay about it, there might be 10 users who would use it if it were available. And the users of the lightning network are only going to keep increasing. Get ahead of the curve. Support Lightning today!

    UserWhoCares supported this idea  · 

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