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*Unlimited* Disposable Email Aliases

Startmail explains it perfectly. They offer unlimited disposable aliases, which expire within a given amount of time. They also offer custom aliases which can be saved and used indefinitely.

It is the disposable alias which will help protect privacy, when submiting an email to an untrusted recipient. After all, how much privacy do we have if our fixed emails become the foundation for building and selling our marketing profiles, just as is done by gmail. We limit personal activity virtual trails by disposing of aliases for casual uses. But, unlike custom aliases, which build on our identifiable original email address, disposable aliases divert from our true email identity by utilizing a sub-domain created for this specific purpose, such as: (tda = temporary disposable alias)

You avoid abuse by limiting disposable alias creation on a daily basis. Perhaps 5 max per day.

Here is Startmail's explanation:

The Blur service (by Abine) also offers a "masked mail" free service. But their service is not encrypted:

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      • Snape commented  · 


        Well no it can't. Not without a domain.

        I expect most customers voting for this don't want or can't be bothered to go obtain and maintain another bit of tech when quite simply the email provider (protonmail) should just provide this OOTB. It is the whole idea of an alias and should be a fundamental right to privacy. Strangely it appears to fall on deaf-ears with Protonmail development.

      • Ross commented  · 

        You can already achieve this: Upgrade to Pro, which allows "catch-all" addresses for your own domain. Then you can hand out any addresses you like, to whoever you like, on your domain, which solves this problem.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hope something basic like this is also going to be available for those with a free account..

        Having a free account, I cannot even answer a

        with the same +b extension..

        I’m restricted to use

        only. Kinda defeats the purpose...

      • Mad As commented  · 

        ...and yet ANOTHER alias defect:

        1. Write up an email with the correct alias showing as the [Sender]/[Reply To].
        2. Save as draft
        3. Reopen draft
        4. [Sender]/[Reply To] has switched back to the underlying, base email with NO WAY to restore the desired alias that was originally selected/exposed.

        Really proton Devs, you've got a bit of cheek to be considering new functionality when your base functionality is so half baked, especially when you have paying customers for that functionality to be in place.

      • Casper Jonquil Mad as Hell commented  · 


        The use of the "+" plus sign kills it for protonmail alias' on so many email systems. Show your support here:

        I post this feature/change request as a fork from this discourse. It's related but deserves the same attention and support.

        Please consider passing some of your votes in its direction.

      • Casper Jonquil Mad as Hell commented  · 

        Re: Real Alias,

        Yes, I noticed this was added; somewhat under the cover of darkness. But even then it was only implemented for desktop UI not mobile version (Android). Which is completely frustrating.

        Further, on the desktop implementation it only permits replies to existing emails to use the +alias feature. So if you want to send-out from a +alias address without exposing your underlying address (to some degree) or to at least preserve the known address that the recipient has in their address book then you need to:

        1. Via desktop version only (what a drag).
        2. Send an email address to yourself using the desired +alias
        3. Then <forward> the received email.
        4. Then remove all the FWD junk wrappers.
        5. Then write and send your email to the target recipient.

        What a complete waste of time. I may as well simply write it on paper and post it.

        Which part of the PROTON people can't get this? It was raised this week where Facebook Fuckerberg himself admitted they track non-Facebook users (by pseudo ghost accounts). How do you think they do this? They cross-match on key data like phone numbers and email addresses from contact lists uploaded from Whatsapp and Facebook applications from willing and unknowning users.

        Surely Protonmail can assist by simply implementing a true alias system.


      • Real Alias commented  · 

        FWIW, you can now reply to an email received at yourname+alias@protonmail as that same yourname+alias@protonmail. It's a step in the right direction, but doesn't support anonymity or ability to cut off spammers...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        the guerrillamail problem would not apply if you likit the feature to custom domains. otherwise this might lead to blocking of the "normal" adresses...

        But i do think that their silence on some features is telling us enough about their modus operandi. well i will definitly switch if that feature and real pgp support aren't added by june when my current plan ends.

        i mean how damn hard is it to add this or pgp? protonmail is still a closed system in regards to encrypted email to other users. pity it started really good.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It has probably been said already but most sites are catching on to Guerrilla Mail. It would be nice to have a fresh player. For the DEV's Check I would pay for this feature if it works.

      • David commented  · 

        Love the idea, though it might be something you plan when your service starts. It might be hard to implement this now.

        Maybe using randomly generated aliases like and letting them expire after x days or as long you need to would be quicker to add.

        Once the alias is expired, you block all incoming mails. Mails would be only delivered to and not to

        If the address is leaked spammers won't be able to send their mails. I suggest adding this feature to user domains only because if you add something like (disp stands for disposable) websites will know this email is worthless.

      • Jan Korous commented  · 

        I would love protonmail implement something like does. You register some prefix (e. g. and can use and manage all virtual sub-addresses (e. g. foo.myusername@...).

      • n5i4inti4ntinio4ti commented  · 

        Would be handy for signing up with certain sites without getting a huge ton of spam and newsletters and such.

        I understand that some sites hate people having disposable email addresses, mostly due to spam. ProtonMail already has spam filters in place scanning inbound and outbound emails, and they could also limit the number of emails sent from these disposable addresses to maybe 5 per day. It would also greatly increase privacy by preventing a digital trail of the exact email addresses across many sites.

      • Claus commented  · 

        GREAT SUGGESTION. I believe you could also implement it in the following way. Do not have temporary disposable alias, but give users an x number of really random email addresses per x amount of time.

        For instance:

        Nobody will claim such a thing and keeping it linked to the main account shouldn't be so hard.

        You could also use something like a sha512(email, creation_date, secret_sauce).

        Maybe you could use something like that to create a non permanent email folder, a bit like bitmessage and perhaps more like bitmessage if you would like to use it as an anonymization feature.

        In this way you could still get your email indefinitely (nice for accounts), but not have the system clog up with random news letters and such. This would also mean that users will probably have way less email on your systems, saving you cost etc.

        Everybody happy!

      • nickle commented  · 

        Growing pains? Users pay, have demands and expect results......its tough once you are a fee for service. A reply from Protonmail would be appreciated.

      • RoughCut commented  · 

        This is obviously just too hard to implement. I think all you voters and posters should go and focus on something else or go somewhere else. Protonmail is just not going to deliver.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        ...and the under review result is? Ignore?

      • Willy commented  · 

        Hellooooo......time for an update thanks Protonmail.

      • Mi St commented  · 

        after over 100 days of so called "review", it is obvious they cannot or will not implement this feature. At least there has been a pretty thorough discussion of the issue, and I have learned much just reading the debate. It doesn't matter to me as much that they are not implementing it, as that after all this time and the number of votes cast, I have gotten a really negative picture of the management's attitude at protonmail. Nearly 4K votes! And no company reaction? MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!

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