How can we improve ProtonMail?


Cloud drive service backed by ProtonMail box.

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    Léo shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Arun Sathiya commented  · 

        I would love to see this as well, especially when storage available on ProtonMail is not enough, and 20GB storage upgrade at 11.35 EUR is not something I can afford at this time.

      • Chip commented  · 

        How would this be superior to existing secure cloud storage solutions like Sync or pCloud?

      • pnobulls commented  · 

        it would cool, but the main issues are size for users and secure, that is 2 that I know about their is could more, the main thought is it worth investing.

      • GM commented  · 

        Add a blockchain-based timestamp feature, limited in issues per month for the free version, like (which is unclear by whom is run and how cryptography is implemented).

        Why not adding the same blockchain-based timestamp feature to ProtonMail emails as well?

      • Esther commented  · 

        I fully support a ProtonDrive and would jump on it without any hesitation. I'm not currently using any online storage right now, simply because I worry about privacy.

        I already trust and respect ProtonMail, so it would be a natural move for me to use a ProtonDrive.

      • Vitaly commented  · 

        Agree with Mad As. There are already solid providers of secure data storage (my preference is SpiderOak). Their plans are quite affordable and the technology is tested. Why re-invent the wheel? Secure Calendars, on the other hand, are still missing...

      • The punisher commented  · 

        Perun why have you been talking to my wife Cindy why and how well do u know my wife

      • Tron commented  · 

        Yes - I would switch immediately!

      • Mad As commented  · 

        I wish this service had a vote DOWN button.

        There are sufficient alternatives out in the wilds of the internet to deliver this requirement.

        All this does is distract the Proton Dev people and push precious resources onto frivolous projects when they should be focusing on their core service that we have already paid for, being EMAIL ...that is still deficient in so many areas.


      • Chris Squibb commented  · 

        This would be an interesting alternative to Wuala, SpiderOak, Tresorit, and per-file encryption tools on top of cloud services like Crptomator and BoxCryptor

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        my idea for an proton cloud storage name - (proton-ark) in the cloud storm.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Aguardamos o serviço de armazenamento seguro na nuvem do protonmail. Faz muita falta. Falta também faz o proton calendar. Que venha logo

      • Luís Bragança commented  · 

        Truth is... There isn't any secure cloud storage I would trust to put sensitive data on. It is said that Mega encrypts your data but MEGA's ex-CEO just admit they steal all your data like hell...
        So yea that would be a great idea. Hard and tough, but a smart move.

      • Louis commented  · 

        This is very much in active development. If you head to, you will see that they’re already fleshing out the website. I’m sure it won’t be long now.

      • Are Lomsdalen commented  · 

        I would gladly pay extra for this feature, since I am paying another company for this service today. ($12/month)
        And I paid for a VPN service ($7/month), before you gave us ProtonVPN
        Paying $30 per month, is ,in my opinion, a steal for all the services you provide.

      • Andrew commented  · 

        Hello everyone! If PROTON team will offer 5TB like Office365(OneDrive) for price 50 USD per year -YOU'LL BE THE NUMBER ONE CHAMPIONS!!!!

      • Jim C. commented  · 

        The cloud exists for one reason only. To give someone else access to your data. DON'T create a cloud. Instead, create a heavily encrypted sync service. This will be much cheaper to host. In fact it might not even require hosting. It could all be peer to peer. It would also be easy to develop as open source variants of current such ideas already exist.

      • Can any type/brand of computer tell if a person who is using that particular type of computer
        has some form of nano-optical electronics, a sort of nanoscale video recorder in their eyes, for
        financial control purposes, etc.?
        Are there any international privacy rights laws, for people not to have hidden cameras
        in the eyes, and wireless digital tape recorders/transmitter in their ear/s &/or brain, or both?

        Does protonmail recommend any other secure email for the public that might have
        free..... storage space?

      • [Deleted User] commented  · 

        to keep protonmail accesible freely for many users and prevent cost from rising, a feature like this should start from like one dollar for little storage (500 or 1000mb maybe), with additional plans with higher cost

      • RG commented  · 

        Please take some time to picture it.

        ProtonCloud = ProtonMail + ProtonChat (Text, Audio and Video with Conferencing and Groups) + ProtonCalendar + ProtonContacts + ProtonDrive + ProtonVault (Includes passwords, notes, credntials and identities) + ProtonTasks/ProtonToDo. Well, ProtonVPN cannot technically come under this cloud concept.

        So there are 4 ways of going about this:

        1) Free, OpenSource, FullEncryption and Centralised.
        So here, as usual free and paid users. You will earn from paid users, funding and donations. Users are connected directly to ProtonTechnolgies (centralised).

        2)Free, OpenSource, FullEncryption and Federated.
        Anybody can host and provide the services. Users are federated with their hosts. You will have to use funding and donations for development of Proton company.

        3) Commercial, OpenSource, FullEncryption and Federated.
        Your open source system/architecture is only for commercial sale. Hosters can buy from you and provide their own service (Free or Paid, hoster's choice. You'll earn from hosters, funding and donation. Users are fedarated with their hosts.

        4) Free+Commercial, OpenSource, FullEncryption and Fedarated.
        As from before, you will commercially sell the system to hosters and also providing services (free+paid) by being a host yourself. You earn from hosters, paid users, funding and donations. Users are fedarated with their hosts including you.

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