How can we improve ProtonMail?

I would like to see cheaper premium plans for basic users

I would like to support Protonmail development with premium subscription. Current plans are however too expensive for basic users.
I would only need basic functionality, with possibility to create email aliases.

Or the other way around, give users possibility to opt out some current features from premium subscription with lesser money.

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    AnttiAntti shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Ryan GrangeRyan Grange commented  · 

        I would love to be able to chip in a little a month but i am a student and cannot afford approximatly £40 a year. If there was a cheaper option, i.e £1 a month i would definatly buy it, it could have 1 email adress, 1GB storage, no forced signature and 500 messages a day, as it would put it price to fretures proportinal on the list.

      • Julien S.Julien S. commented  · 

        Same thought...Personnaly, i'd give 1€/mth per GB of storage.
        As a basic user, i don't need 5GB and all these features you get with the PLUS plan.

      • NikuNiku commented  ·  is 1€/Month.

      • GonzoGonzo commented  · 

        Posteo is € 12 annually. I would pay € 24 for Proton.

      • SiKSiK commented  · 

        For me personally is not just about supporting ProtonMail with money but simply having a load of features that I am not using. For example, I would gladly opt-out of custom domains and lower allowed storage (5GB is too much for me as a light user) if that would lower my price plan.
        Just to mention - originally I only opted-in for a paid plan as it included ProtonVPN and that was a great deal (~50€ for mail and VPN). As ProtonVPN has been launched (and is now at a quite steep price, compared to other well-regarded VPNs), all the use I am getting out of my payments for ProtonMail Plus is being able to use 2 extra aliases (which I cannot even delete)... If I could opt-out of some premium features I would gladly use the saving for ProtonVPN as I simply can't afford paying for both at the moment.

      • ugougo commented  · 

        i agree, i really want to support protonmail but the plan that they have are way too much expensive to afford for me in this moment

      • CindyCindy commented  · 

        I'd like to know how a basic user who is willing to pay a smaller amount to be able to get just one or two extra features (e.g. a small raise in storage, or an extra folder or two) is asking for free email? It is already free with basic. As for what is affordable, that varies greatly with circumstances. When I was university teaching, I would have paid the $50 in a heartbeat. Now, living on Social Security, I cannot afford even $30 a year. $10-20 is the best I can do. That's still $10-20 more than if I stay with basic. How much does it cost Protonmail to give a little more storage? Or to increase the folder limit a bit?

        I truly feel that Protonmail will make significantly more money by adding one or two lower price levels so that we can all climb on board according to our needs and income level.

      • OffredOffred commented  · 

        Also, the plans price options are not realistic. Most of us in out hearts would love to be Visionary Supporters. It is simply not a realistic option as many have already mentioned. My suggestion is 3 realistically priced plans. Basic free plan, a lower priced plus plan, and a higher priced Premium plan.Something like

        Basic: Free
        Plus: $3 monthly / $30 annually ( $2.50 per month)
        Premium $5 monthly / $54 annually ($4.50 per month)

        This pricing becomes a more inclusive offering, leaving an entry for all economic levels.Which, in the end, amounts to greatly increased revenue for the service.

        *Features for Plus plan would decrease slightly. But those who already purchased a year of service would be grandfathered in to their plan, for the remainder of their paid year. Then, they either stay with their current plan, with reduced cost and reduced features, or move up one level and pay the slightly higher cost to get even more features.

      • OffredOffred commented  · 

        Someone wrote that they are a paid user, so they are subsidizing others who use the service for free. Let's take an example: If Joe pays $5 per month, and Tom uses the service for free, the revenue for the payment would account for both of them as $2.50 each per month. Now, if you lower the basic plan fee to $3, and Tom chooses the basic plan to help support the service, you now have 2 people paying $3, for a total of $6 per month. No more need to subsidize many users, and the service receives more revenue than before!

        I'm sure many people who now use the service for free, would be happy to pay $3 monthly, or $30 annually ($2.50/month)

        Just another perspective.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Great suggestion, that's what they shoud do (plus be more user-friendly, transparent and fast)! Of course here are some people from the developed countires and for them it's just a few bucks. But not for all of us at all! Especially for me as a student... I would like to have the same functionality + more storage or (ideally) the IMAP/SMTP/download support.

      • DaggerDagger commented  · 

        I disagree. The existing Plus plan is perfectly reasonable in price. If you can't afford that, those of us who pay are supporting your ability to use it for free. And you are always welcome to make donations if you wish to contribute in some way.

      • MichaelaMichaela commented  · 

        Yes! Us students want to support you while getting some value out of paying too. Making donations makes feel guilty sooner for one with a tight budget. It would be awesome to have for example, choose one plus feature for 2$/month -plan etc. For example I have no need for many plus features, I've only used 2mb/500mb but I'd love to have more aliases and domains

      • UserUser commented  · 

        Exactly, I think for many users there should be a cheaper option. For me the main thing it to be able to use it long-term. Which means more storage or (cheaper for developers) the ability to download and then delete the e-mails. Or forcing all users to pay, let's say 1 euro per moth (at least for students)

      • LUH3417LUH3417 commented  · 

        Buffet style seems practical for those on limited budgets but still want to protect their privacy. Rather than the jump to a full package of paid features, there could be a basic minimum paid package with all the other features or increasing them as optional additional costs. Those who want everything will still keep the option to pay for everything. Those who cant afford it, can pay for less features, while still helping to contribute to the cause of privacy for everyone.

      • LowellLowell commented  · 

        $4/month is cheap. I have one I pay $9/month for because I think my ability to communicate privately is that important. If you're doing a lot of emailing, one would think it was a cheap price for your insurance of safety. If not, then you only need the Basic (free) account. The latter account makes it possible for you to do quite a lot if you're not that active. Sorry, this just sounds like an attempt to something for nothing. I'm willing to pay these guys for the insurance of privacy from nosey governments and their agencies.

      • BashoBasho commented  · 

        You can always make a separate contribution regardless of account level.
        That is what I did.

      • AnaAna commented  · 

        Totally ageed, especially regarding to opt out features we aren't interested in.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        As a low volume user, the free service is perfect for me but I would like to have a couple of features, particularly a couple more aliases that can be changed anytime, without limit. BUT the jump to $50 to get more aliases (that apparently aren't disposable) is too large. There should be a payment option for a token amount, $10 or $12 per yr, for those who want to contribute to the developers but want a slight enhancement of the free version.

      • Paul SwansonPaul Swanson commented  · 

        I disagree with this. Email is too important for your security and privacy online not to pay for. For anyone in a developed country current pricing is very reasonable, in relation anything else you're already paying for, such as Internet access and a computer. There's always the free service for those testing the service or financially constrained.

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