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Contacts, Calendars, and Notes

To sync with your cell phone and email - iphone calendar, contacts, and notes.

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Most other services are starting to offer this as part of a privacy package, this allows for an integrated calendar that would also be encrypted with the same protonmail magic!

      • John commented  · 

        Hopefully this includes full syncing with the address book of your phone/computer. It would be nice to have ProtonMail contacts available for use outside of ProtonMail.

      • Kenn Lowy commented  · 

        share sheets would also solve this problem by sending items to the calendar (iCloud, or others)as well as to other apps like OmniFocus, EverNote, etc.

      • Vic commented  · 

        My calendar "asks" are:

        1) Help me "push" selected personal Calendar Events from Protonmail into the CRM app for my cloud-based integrated business application suite (think Zoho One,

        ....BUT limit the information which which is pushed. For example, the pushed personal calendar event might say something like: “depart for 3pm appointment” and “estimated return from 3pm appointment.” To protect my privacy, it would not include the address, business name, or contact name.

        2) Help me push an address stored in Protonmail into a driving direction application like Google Maps.

        3) Help me avoid a scenario where I push encrypted [personal] Contact Notes from Protonmail into the Contact data I store in the CRM app for my cloud-based business application suite.

        4) If a Business Contact becomes a personal contact as well, help me push Contact data to Protonmail from my integrated business application suite - Zoho One.

        I realize that "Push" is a pretty vague term. It should not be interpreted to mean "automatically synchronize contact information between Protonmail and in my cloud-based business application suite-as-a-service if the contact is stored in both systems.

        Would love to know if you think my "asks" are doable.

      • Ross commented  · 

        Please, please, please offer a SEARCHABLE calendar. I run a small business, and its absolutely imperative that we can search the calendar for previous meetings with specific clients or where the last meeting took place.
        Search for encrypted calendars could be done the same as Tutanota do their search for encrypted emails: An index file is generated LOCALLY to enable search on the user's computer at that particular time. It works well. Similar to how password managers store everything encrypted in the crowd but still allow search on the computer when you are using them.

        Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top, please develop a search function for the calendar.

      • Calenguy commented  · 

        CALENDAR support and my last Exchange account will be transfered to protonmail. Mine and MANY of my customers', you would like it as much as I would!!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please offer calendaring and a way to sync contacts to cell phone.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Notes, contacts, and a few binary files storage such as photos & sound-files.
        (sharing the quota with e-mail is acceptable)
        Managed by tags and list with simple search function.
        And calendar.

      • weewumps commented  · 

        Calendar is top request.

        Document cloud would be great.

        Notes would be nice but not essential.

      • Stephen Coyle commented  · 

        Want to be away from google etc... calendar and reminders are a must

      • Jim commented  · 

        CALENDAR is the most important missing feature.

      • gilbert commented  · 

        BTW, the Protonmail VPN May be Free, but you better have a good wireless plan, because when not near WiFi, it uses your Plan. Found that out, when it sucked by data away.

      • gilbert commented  · 

        I like many others in this thread, wish to leave Google, totally. Will not move until Protonmail adds this feature.

      • Bryan Glenn commented  · 

        I don't want to be tied to Gmail or Outlook any more.

      • Rolski commented  · 

        Definitely a priority for me too.
        As mentioned by many others, this is the feature that enables me to finally insulate myself from the usual service providers...

      • Olaf K. commented  · 

        To leave GMail I need a good calendar alternative to Google Calendar ASAP,

        I hope ProtonMail will offer a professional and user friendly calendar really soon and sees this as a huge opportunity to attract many new users!

      • Tom commented  · 

        Calendar is a must. Migrated email over from gmail, but without the calendar functionality it's a little unusable unfortunately.

      • Alean commented  · 

        Key feature (calendar and contact, smartphone compliant), along with send as for professional users (send from within Protonmail using a professional address such as

      • J commented  · 

        We cannot stress how important this is to us. As a Protonmail and ProtonVPN paid customer, calendar support is of critical interest to us at the enterprise level. All the other options out there, are inadequate from a security perspective. Calendar support simply cannot come soon enough. Let us know when alpha testers are needed.

      • Zed commented  · 


        Email - done

        Contacts - done

        VPN - done

        Calendar - Hopefully soon, with compaibility to emclient/outlook and other 3rd party apps.

        Basic Notes // we have standard notes, great service. I would like to see some form of collaboration between these two projects where possible.

        Cloud drive // closest we have is tresorit and cryptomator for use with mainstream. Perhaps proton could charge progressively.
        E.g. 100GB for $5 / 500GB for $10 / 2TB for $18.

        All of that in mind, some kind of package deal for the whole shabang with 2TB cloud for about $30 monthly seems a fair deal to me. Branding wise "PROTON-SUITE".

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